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of representing the people of connecticut and the united states congress i will not be extended for reelection this november. jane: there you have it. three other democratic senators not seeking reelection including ted kaufman of delaware, will burris, and paul kirk. on the republican side there are six who said they will not run for reelection, and there is a look at those six. democrats could be facing a bit of a battle to keep that filibuster-proof supermajority in the senate. that is the talk of the town today. let's bring in fox news contributor and political analyst juan williams. one of the things that people who love to watch politics like all of us do, figure out how the pieces move around here. what is your take? >> well, i mean, the deal here in washington is that democrats jumping ship. the waters are too turbulent at the moment. it looks like tea party politics, anti-government politics, and anti-democratic politics, especially with the health care bill right now in the water. it is just too much for democrats. so you see a number of them saying they would prefer not to be around
in the next hour the faa has put a ground stop on all flights going from the united states into haiti. in the bottom box, we are now letting that former president bill clinton and george w. bush have agreed to team up and held the haiti relief effort in much the same way that clinton and george h.w. bush teamed up for tsunami and other world relief programs. and breaking right now we have brand new pictures coming into "the live desk." this is new video of the exact moment the 7.0 quake hit. first you will see the camera shake. keep your eye to the left-hand side of the screen. you can see the row of houses starts to crumble like dominoes. from left-to-right sending out the cloud of smoke. you can see in the street there people are running down the street. as we get more video like this into "the live desk" it is coming in fast and furious. we will show it to you here. that is at the very moment of the quake. alisyn: help is on the way. the president announcing the u.s. is sending money. at this hour rescue and relief crews from around the world are scrambling. the state department is
the united states, but those within the outside or national community who have wanted the united states to engage those countries directly to at least see what can be achieved. new sanctions. they say that is a byproduct of the engagement and being tough on the north koreans. iran, the administration admits it has nothing to show for its engagement. there is no solid movement by the international community toward sanctions. the white house says it will continue to pursue both tracks, meaning dialogue and if that does not work sanctions. i talked to lee hamilton about the alternatives and maybe some of the conservative criticism. here's part of his response. >> what are the options? well, the options are the bombs away. i don't think many people think that is a very good option, particularly with regard to iran at the present time. talking is better than fighting. it is better to jaw, jaw, jaw, than to war, war, war, said churchill. i think that is pretty good advice. >> reporter: lee hamilton, a prominent foreign policy voice and early supporter of the n candidate obama. he also told me
on against the united states. she also says her husband was outraged over treatment of iraqis at the abu grab prison, and it was his hatred for america that led him to his actions on that day. their action bodies were flown home mistake. and told the officers leave behind eight children. in the middle box st. louis police identified the man suspected of going on a shooting rampage yesterday. the man killing three co-workers before turning the gun on himself. police still working to figure out the motive. in the bottom box, how low can you go? it is cold all over the country, but bismarck, north dakota last night, 32 below. not the wind chill, that was the straight-up temperature. the wind chill, 50 below. the good news, forecasters say, parts of the dakotas will start to warm up a bit maybe into the 30's. martha: well, police in hawthorne, california are on the hunt now for three brazen robbers who iht up an insurance business just steps away for from police headquarters. the folks in the building. the robbers bursting in, guns drawn. they tell the victims to hit the deck, and they steal from
auction of votes with his health care legislation in the history of the united states of america. and i think that the decision with regard to senator reid will be made by the voters of nevada. >> it is interesting to note that senator mitch mcconnell, the top republican in the senate was also at that press conference today and deferred when asked about reid, he said that is something the democrats will have to decide. >> it's up to voters in the fall. can reid pull off a comeback? >> the folks who have watched nevada politics for a long time say he's a fighter, he absolutely can do it. we're ten, 11 months out. i talked to dave myers, a political reporter out there, here's what she said about reid's chances. >> i think he's going to have a tough fight. really, the election is ten months out, senator reid is a fighter. it's the narrative on him but it's true. he's known for coming back in the end. and usually elections are won and lost in the final weeks and months. >> and you know, there's that story line about him being a former boxer. they say he's not going down without a fight, he'
. that is the tallest building in the united states. meantime this graphic shows some worldwide perspective. the willis tower may be the tallest in the u.s., but taiwan has the second largest skyscraper. some fun facts. here is fun facts about the burj. it has 57 elevators. that foundation research you clocking in at 900 feet. and over 28,000 glass panels were used on the tower's exterior. pretty fancy. martha: and dangerously low temperatures causing troubles in the united states. deep freeze is even hitting the deep south right now. take a look at the snow-covered roads. fayetteville, arkansas. they are hoping that maybe they will get -- a pretty town. hoping they will get into the 20's. even more snow. rick leventhal is outside our studios. quite comfortable i would imagine. >> actually warmer than 31 degrees. north dakota, it is 35 below. so i feel for those folks. some cold weather caused some problems. in indianapolis right now it is 19 degrees. feels like 6. 1:00 this morning it was 14 degrees. a fire broke out in a restaurant. the texas roadhouse restaurant. when firefighters arrived they could
day terror suspect and warning new attacks inside the united states. bin laden has not been heard from since september. in his message he calls umar farouk abdulmutallab a hero fighter and slams the u.s. and its support for israel. >> it is unfair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in gaza suffer greatly. therefore with god's will power attacks on you long continue as well as you continue to support israel. trace: u.s. authorities are working to authenticate the message. the former chief of the cia's bin laden unit. i guess by listening to this thing correctly he is not taking responsibility, claiming responsibility for this failed christmastide bombing. he certainly is endorsing it and praising it. >> yeah. i think that is exactly the conclusion to draw. my own suspicion is this fellow was trained in yemen, sent by al qaeda in yemen. most attacks against the united states in the united states are going to be authorized by osama bin laden. trace: i wonder, you look at the date of this thing. we are talking about a month after that failed christmas day attempt. why wait a mon
, if you were going to give a mission statement from the president of the united states, entire vast u.s. bureaucracy, state department, defense department, coast guard, other attendant agencies, u.s. aid, agency for national development the statement would be follow, assume the worst, mobilize the most. the u.s. partners do not no depth damage in haiti, how many people have been killed, how many people have been injured, what is the most crucial need there. all this is assessed by assessment teams landing in haiti this afternoon. the president and state department said the number one priority is account for and deal with the u.s. embassy personnel and 40,000 or so american citizens who live work in haiti. also to mobilize whatever rescue efforts can be mobilized. wendell goler, my colleague in the dominican republic says there are intense efforts to get the terminal in port-au-prince operational. officials say another crucial priority is get the port system working in haiti. ship-borne supplies and relief efforts to take injured possibly off the island and bring supplies in are also g
in the united states. mike emanuel following this live at the pentagon. what's the reason for the failing grade mike? >> reporter: well, trace, this bipartisan group is just concerned thinking the u.s. government as a whole is not prepared to respond if terrorists were to release a deadly virus or bacteria. they say if you look at the h1n1 flu outbreak the government knew the outbreak was coming and still was very slows slow in terms of getting vaccine together. we talked to the executive director of the commission and he talked about one nightmare scenario. take a listen. >> there have been some report business the department of defense that it would take decades to clean the new york city subway after an anthrax attack. can you imagine new york city with no subway? so when with looked at all those from end to end from early detection to the final cleanup and we looked at oum all of those factors there was no question in our mind to assess capability as an f. >> and you can imagine the economic impact of that kind of an attack on a place like no, sir new york or any other major city in this co
-terrorism officials that americans have been travelling from the united states to the training camp in somalia. they have gotten that training. and with the american passport to have the ability to come back to this country and, perhaps, ponce attacks here if they chose to. trace: talk about america's role in this. >> one of the interesting elements is that we have seen over the last 18 months to two years that americans have gone to the training camp in east africa. one of their figureheads, if you will, is an african-american citizen coming from daphne, alabama. he is the western face of the organization. you see his high school yearbook picture he is very involved and the propaganda. he is put together videos to try and urge people to join. clearly he is in touch with a very specific generation, people under 30 in his efforts to try and bring them into the role in somalia. trace: live for us in d.c. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> a deadly day to report for troops. six nato service members including three americans were killed in separate attacks in the region. according to a u.s. military
information that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is planning another attack against the united states. we will give you a rundown of exactly what we know. in the bottom box a key goal of the united states in haiti right now is to get food, water, and medicine to people as quickly as possible so that people don't, in their desperation, turned to violence. alysin: and we are seeing some examples of that. desperation and frustration, as you can imagine, are running. that means that security is becoming a big problem. getting reports of looters armed with machetes running the streets. 4,000 inmates are on the loose after the quake destroyed the city's main prison. there are also amazing stories of survival and determination, as relief workers struggle to get aid to those in need. survivors are being pulled from the rubble, but so are bodies. orlando salinas is live in port-au-prince. security also obviously is a top issue. tell us what you're seeing. >> reporter: speaking about security, we have seen more rescue, search-and-rescue personnel and more military personnel, more media than we have
would dissuade them from trying to make that very dangerous trek from haiti to the united states. jamie: few make it, so very interesting point. phil, thank you so much. phil keating live for us in miami. trace: breaking now, al-qaeda denying one of its top commanders is dead. insisting air strikes by the yemeni government did not kill ca seemal raimi. yemen is the latest hot bed for extremists. umar farouk abdulmutallab is said to have attended a terrorist training camp there. he's the man accused of trying to blow up an american jet liner on christmas day. former special agent for the fbi, richard, good to see you. i guess the first question would have to be if, in fact, al-qaeda says their chief wasn't killed by the yemeni government, does that weaken the government's position that they can tackle al-qaeda without foreign help? >> trace, you're exactly correct. i does. it weakens their stance that they can tackle this problem of al-qaeda alone. they've already got enough inner fighting within the country can right now with the movement going on in the south, you've got rebel fights i
and the bottom box, winter storm advisories now for the central united states. and, snow, get this, as far south as birmingham, alabama. there is also cold air gripping much of the nation. temperatures in parts of florida, below freezing. and we'll take you live there. for the fallout on that, coming up. moments from now. >> you may find it interesting, in light of everything going on that nearly a year into president obama's administration, there is still no permanent director who is in charge of tsa. the transportation security authority, now political deadlocks some say is what is keeping the senate from voting on the president's pick, this is the gentleman in question, early southers. -- erroll southers, and somehow are questioning how the lack of a leader in this area might be affecting tsa's performance in the wake of the attempted christmas day plane bombing. the security checkpoint incident that forced the evacuation of newark's airport, at terminal c is also in the mix here and the bomb sniffing dogs in philadelphia that did not pass the smell test, you might say, ryan wilsons -- brian
of anybody who is traveling from those countries into the united states. do we expect to hear something about communications with those countries and when we can expect them to be on board? >> i don't know. that is the state governments. the president knows to get that cooperation he needs to the sense of the persuade, these nations terror list, some are just on the watch list, and to jawbone them publicly to say you are not doing it, you are not cooperating the president does not believe will be helpful. there is only so much the president can do. but it can and will control the security mechanisms inside the united states. the airport in bakersfield on edge because of a haz mat situation. all airports are on edge. can they successfully persuades some airports and other countries to be similarly on edge? in some cases yes and some cases no. amsterdam was on edge. it may not be successful. all those things are hard, cold realities in this war on terrorism. martha: indeed, it is. a lot to unfold today as a result of this meeting, and everybody out there has a ton of questions about how all thi
the united states can remain competitive. he went on after that section and listed some of the things that those governments are doing to help their industries and talked about the united states government having to take a more pro-active role in helping to create jobs here. i fundamentally disagree with the idea that the u.s. government should have this kind of job stimulation. trace: a fair criticism. a lot of economists agree. what is your take? and the government actually generate jobs in the private sector? >> you looked at this high-speed rail project in florida. 23,000 jobs. we have been behind japan and europe on high-speed rail. there is no reason for that. we need to be competitive. at the same time the president was very clear that he understands the real economic engine of the country. that is why he proposed moving 30 billion from wall street banks that have repay that money and putting it in community banks to help small businesses hire more people or increase wages. a small-business tax credit that will help a million small businesses, and also ending the capital gains
can be litigated successfully and securely in united states of america just like others have including richard reid. if he were to say that, your comment would be what? >> my response on richard reid that was just months after september 11. the military tribunal system was just being put into place. we now have a tribunal system that's been approved by the supreme court the important thing is not necessarily getting a conviction that's not that hard. get as much intelligence as you can can and also prevent any intelligence from being made public what can happen at a trial like this plus the risk you're putting american cities at. we've never had a trial quite like the 9/11 trial and when you talk to the n.y.p.d. at trials they have fld -- in the 1990s much lower dimension still very damaging to the city as far as the economy. on this we bring in people from guantanamo to new york city three, four, five years cost over a billion dollars. makes absolutely no sense. we have a system in place. the supreme court has proifd it that's where they should be held that's where they should be trie
on a couple of different levels. one is the strategic signaling from the united states, where we have a war on terror that the president has -- can still not name, and there are questions by friends and foes in the world about whether we're committed to the long haul on this fight. on the pakistani side, they have to look at the world as they find it, in that they're not sure the united states is in it to win it for the long haul in afghanistan, and it's a hedge on how to go after an enemy they have to live with in their own neighborhood should we leave. tactically, this is the winter and snow falls and it's hard to conduct operation necessary those areas, so it's a tactical problem, and they are keeping politically distant from the united states. alisyn: the secretary of state said the u.n. and pakistan should work together. let me play what he said and i'll get to you respond. >> the reality that you can't ignore one part of this cancer and pretend that they won't have some impact closer to home. alisyn: he's basically saying that pakistan, if it chooses to ignore the taliban and al-qaeda
on the steps of the united states capitol. since then there have been three statewide elections in which he's put his political reputation and brand identity on the line. he's lost all three. the only election democrats have won is that special election in new york's 23rd district, and barack obama did not campaign there, so 34reu9ically that's all he's got to show for himself, a victory in a place he didn't even bother to campaign. you've got two very distint and ideologically different voices on health care, jim webb, barney frank saying last night's results in that special election should put health care on hold. last night when it was clear that martha coakley, the democrat, was going to lose, the campaign manager for barack obama said health care and the push for it must continue. let's listen. >> and my view is shame on us if we don't get this done. secondly, the politics of this to me -- which are secondary to what's right for the country and our families and businesses -- you know, the health care plan's been demonized. if you run away, you're still going to get attacked for support
out with the faulty gas pedal, and again, this is a north american situation, in united states and canada, the toyotas that were produced in japan are okay, and those are not going to be the ones subject to recall. you can see the vin number, if it says jt, starts with jt, those were produced in japan, those should be okay. alisyn: we've heard of recalls but how unprecedented is it to suspend all sales? >> never happened before. never happened before. you can understand t. they're the number one carmaker in the u.s., they're putting all these cars out, they don't want to do that -- are they getting this fed rate? am i seeing that? unchanged, right? i believe they just announced an unchanged fed rate. we expect the that -- we expected that. i have to change gears. he's giving the state of the union address, and embattled president who has to come up with answers on the economy, on spending, on jobs. thank you, and they weren't going to go ahead and throw the president under the bus. likely, the f osm mc, the open market -- fed open market committee, wasn't going to throw their c
share of exports by just 1% that would mean hundreds of thousands of jobs here in the united states. 5% maybe a million jobs. well paying jobs. we're going to have to pry those markets open. intellectual property is part of that process. all right. great question. it's woman's turn now. you guy jirs -- just put down your hands. oh, okay. this young lady right in front. we've got a microphone over here. you know, i would give it to you if i could reach. go ahead. >> introduce myself my name is joanne, i'm 83 years old. i know i don't look it. >> you don't, you don't. [laughter] [applause] >> you look great. thank you. i'm very concerned about social security. i think there's a few of us here who are probably living on that or supplementing it. i understand that congress has given themselves a raise but has denied us cola for possibly the next three years. at the time of the h1n1 thing people over 65 were not given the right to have the shot. for some reason rather this health crisis was left on our senior backs. what can we do about this? >> let me address all three of your issues becau
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